Ready to CRUSH IT!?
Science Fiction has become reality. Make the trip to sunny Oakland, CA and experience the childhood dream of an entire generation where YOU take the controls of a real-life giant robot. Our world famous, 2 story tall, 15 ton mech is ready to wreak havoc. You can expect a 1.5 hour long experience. For the "Crush it!" experience, the robot's treads will remain stationary and we'll brief you on how to operate the claw arm/help plan your attack strategy. Crushing appointments will be between 10am-6pm (we will coordinate details with you once you've selected a date). We've got plenty of awesome things for you to destroy but feel free to bring whatever you want to crush along with up to 4 guests to watch! We'll be filming the experience and (with your permission) be featuring you and your incredible crushing skills on our social media!

DISCLAIMER: This robot is capable of severe damage to anything and anyone around it. Pilots (YOU) are expected to act responsibly while operating! MegaBots retains the the right to refuse service (and refund your money) at any point. Although there have been zero recorded pilot injuries while operating a MegaBot, you will be expected to sign a liability release waiver before getting inside the MegaBot.
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Welcome to the academy, Cadet. We'll be reaching out within 12 hours to confirm all of the details with you.
{{answer_ABkFNzPIvc8f}}, it looks like none of our default dates worked for you. No worries, it's likely we can still accommodate you, but we'll have to do it the old fashion style over email or phone. will reach out to you shortly and coordinate a date that's works best for you!